Mission and Overview | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University


To lead, engage and strengthen alumni participation and business community involvement in realizing the Mission of The Weatherhead School of Management. To advise and support the faculty, staff, students and alumni of Weatherhead in building a leading and growing school, designed to create a strong continuum of support and engagement from recruitment through alumni status.


The Council was created to have an alumni leadership team represent the diverse strengths, degrees, geographic distribution, professional accomplishments and business disciplines of the Weatherhead School of Management alumni. The Alumni Advisory Council (AAC) consists of approximately 30 members who serve rotating 3-year terms. The open nomination period is in the spring of each year and a nominating committee of staff and alumni (one from each class) serves to elect the new incoming class.

The AAC works in collaboration with the Alumni office, Weatherhead faculty and staff on important initiatives, including:

  • representing the interests and concerns of alumni worldwide, while also representing the interests of Weatherhead to its alumni;
  • positively representing Weatherhead in their respective cities; and
  • advancing the school's mission, objectives and programs.

The council seeks to achieve important objectives including:

  • building, strengthening and engaging the alumni network through support of local, regional, and international alumni programming;
  • the generation of significant funding for programs;
  • enhancement of our student experience through the mentoring, interviewing, and hiring of graduates;
  • recruiting exceptional students in conjunction with our admissions team.

The Council will organize and develop the following committees to achieve their mission:

  • Recruitment/External Contacts/Pipeline Generation—Before they are here
  • Career/Student Development—While they are here
  • Alumni Engagement/Advancement/Support—Once they graduate

Alumni Advisory Council Core Values

  • Enthusiastic: Demonstrate sincere excitement in serving the school
  • Commitment: Contribute sufficient time and service towards furthering the mission of Weatherhead, the AAC and its members
  • Engagement: Contribute and leverage individual strengths and experiences to achieve the mission of Weatherhead and the AAC
  • Stewardship: Pledge to safeguard and preserve the mission of Weatherhead, the AAC and its members
  • Outreach: Actively share, communicate and elicit feedback on the work and mission of the AAC