Foundations of Python Programming | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Foundations of Python Programming

1.50 credit hours

Python is an object-oriented programming language that can interact with the world wide web as well as Excel and other programming languages like VBA. As such, Python has gained popularity and is becoming an industry standard in many areas, including supply chain management. In addition to assignment, if/then, and for/while statements, in this course you will learn about object-oriented programming and how to implement those ideas with appropriate data structures. You will also learn how to use libraries that others have created, such as Numpy for numerical calculations (like working with vectors, matrices, and solving systems of linear equations). In addition to individual homeworks, you will solve an assigned project in groups and make a final presentation to the class with PowerPoint. Being able to communicate your model and results is part of learning to work effectively with others in an organization, which is a goal of the supply chain program. All of this is designed to enable you to build and solve models that help organizations make good decisions. Offered as BUAI 492 and SCMG 492.

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