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Project Management

3.00 credit hours

Project management is concerned with the management and control of a group of interrelated tasks required to be completed in an efficient and timely manner for the successful accomplishment of the objectives of the project. Since each project is usually unique in terms of task structure, risk characteristics and objectives, the management of projects is significantly different from the management of repetitive processes designed to produce a series of similar products or outputs. Large-scale projects are characterized by a significant commitment of organizational and economic resources coupled with a high degree of uncertainty. The objective of this course is to enhance the ability of participants to respond to the challenges of large-scale projects so that they can be more effective as project managers. We study in detail up-to-date concepts, models, and techniques useful for the evaluation, analysis, management, and control of projects. Offered as OPMT 350, OPMT 450 and SCMG 450.

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George Vairaktarakis (Fall 2022)

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