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Lean Operations

3.00 credit hours

In this course, students will be taught how to identify inefficiencies associated with overproduction, waiting, transport, extra processing, inventory, motion and defects. One-by-one, areas of inefficiencies are to be identified and improved while educating the workforce towards continual improvement. Similarly, participants will be trained to reduce lead times in areas such as engineering design, order entry, purchasing, order fulfillment, receiving, production, packaging, shipping, invoicing and collection. The above improvements will lead to cost reductions. Students will be trained in costing techniques, target pricing, and cost maintenance. The course will be delivered along the following themes: 1) Mapping the Value Stream (current and future state) 2) Workplace Organization: 5S & Safety, 3) Defect Reduction and Error Proofing, 4) Quick Changeover, 5) Standard Operations, 6) Total Productive Maintenance, 7) Visual management, 8) One-piece flow, 9) Lean Metrics. This course is not oriented toward specialists in operations management. Its goal is to introduce you to the environments and help you appreciate the problems that operations managers are confronted with and the key issues in their management. Offered as OPMT 422 and SCMG 422.

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Michael Goulder (Fall 2022)

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