ORBH 396 | Weatherhead

Professional Development for Engineers

3.00 credit hours

The overall objective of this course is essentially to help you to learn, grow and change personally and professionally. The course is designed to develop your self-awareness, leadership capability, relationship and collaboration skills. Specific learning objectives are: 1. Develop greater self-awareness around your core values, personal vision, career aspirations, strengths and emotional intelligence. Deepening your self-knowledge and self-awareness on these dimensions is important for setting up your personal path to success. 2. Learn how people develop and grow through a process of intentional change. You will personally apply this insight and create a plan to achieve your learning and development goals. 3. Learn about and experience the impact of personal and peer coaching. Being able to develop, nurture and sustain positive developmental relationships at work is a hallmark of highly effective professionals. 4. Expand your capability to work effectively with a range of people in groups and teams. Understanding and practicing effective communication, giving and receiving feedback and appreciating differences in others are key factors in working well with others. Credit for at most one of ORBH 250 and ORBH 396 can be applied to hours required for graduation.

No Syllabus Available

Ellen Van Oosten (Fall 2019)

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