Women and Men as Colleagues in Organizations

3.00 credit hours

The purpose of this course is to explore the unique challenges of life for women in their twenties as they increase understanding of the issues surrounding women, ambition, and success in a variety of organizations and professions. At this stage of life there are many choices women can make regarding careers and relationships. This course will broaden understanding of the context of work in women's lives and help women and men understand the leadership and managerial issues that will surround them in organizations. Offering more complex understandings of issues women face in the workplace related to race and gender, the course will help increase self knowledge about personal identity and direction, values, and abilities including the enhancement of leadership capabilities. It will also facilitate career development, improving the ability of individual women to be choiceful about the quality of integration of both a personal and professional life. Offered as ORBH 370 and WGST 370.

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Chantal Van Esch (Spring 2016)
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