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The Art and Science of High-Functioning Teams

3.00 credit hours

Welcome to The Art and Science of High-functioning Teams! In this course you will practice and learn how to contribute to a team effectively, while being mindful of building meaningful human relationships. This is a key life skill for building and contributing to the teams that you will encounter as you pursue collective efforts at work, school, and in your home and community. Although teamwork is a ubiquitous part of our everyday lives, many of us know little about the strategy and psychology of effective teamwork. This is an introductory course on teamwork, or on the art and science of integrating the efforts of diverse parties to produce some meaningful collective outcome. Understanding your own teamwork style and what drives others is essential for success in teamwork. This kind of knowledge can only be gained through experience and this course provides a series of simulations and debriefings that address a variety of influences and processes in teamwork. Each simulation has been chosen to highlight the central concepts that underlie the art and science of high-functioning teamworks. You will also learn about the practice of high-functioning teamwork in the real-world through engagement with communities beyond the classroom to understand how teamwork provides for societal and collective responsibility.

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John Stephens (Spring 2023)

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