Spreadsheet and Business Process Simulation - I | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Spreadsheet and Business Process Simulation - I

1.50 credit hours

Computer simulation is a process of designing and creating a computer model (vedio game) that mimics an existing or proposed system so as to better understand the behavior of the system. Many studies have shown that in industry, simulation is most frequently used Operations Research tool due to its ability to deal with complex systems. Another reason for the recent popularity of simulation is the availability of specialized software with animation capabilities. This course is designed to give students basic ideas of simulation methodology with the aid of popular simulation software. The emphasis of the course is in simulating business processes, however, the versatility of the technique will be demonstrated with applications from finance, health care, etc. The main focus of the course is on building simulation models using state of the art software (@RISK and ARENA). The grading is based on weekly homework and final exam. Offered as OPRE 332A, OPRE 432A, and SCMG 432A.

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Pooyan Kazemian (Spring 2023)

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