Global Supply Chain Logistics | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Global Supply Chain Logistics

3.00 credit hours

The course will attempt to achieve two objectives: (1) to develop your skills in solving specific types of logistics/supply chain problems, and (2) to improve your capabilities in dealing with unstructured problems of the type encountered by intermediate and top managers. Skill development is accomplished through lecturers, case studies, homework, and examinations. These skills are valuable for addressing specific problems where the given technology is useful in treating them. On the other hand, broader analytical skills are enhanced using case studies and class discussion, which allow problem solving to be placed in a larger context. Defining a framework for analysis, applying concepts and principles, and commenting on the analysis of others help to achieve the second objective. Of course, these objectives interplay throughout the course of study. Offered as OPMT 475 and SCMG 475.

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Kamlesh Mathur (Spring 2023)

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