Enterprise Resource Planning in the Supply Chain | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Enterprise Resource Planning in the Supply Chain

1.50 credit hours

Enterprise resource planning is the dominant system by which companies translate the needs from their customers into the detailed plans that the company must perform to meet the customer needs, and the resulting support the company will need from its suppliers. As such, it is a central player in the process of supply chain management. In this course, we study both the quantitative and qualitative concepts and techniques to help manage a company's operations to perform these important translation and planning tasks in order to help the company be successful. A major emphasis during the course is the design of processes and procedures (algorithms) for solving very complex (wicked) problems as a part of both class discussions and while working on case studies, as well as critiquing the designs so as to clearly understand their limitations. Offered as OPMT 377B, OPMT 477B, and SCMG 477B

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Daniel Difilippo (Spring 2023)

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