Advanced Marketing Analytics | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Advanced Marketing Analytics

3.00 credit hours

In order to improve decision making in various decision areas of marketing like segmentation, positioning, advertising, promotions, new product development and pricing, use of quantitative data and analysis has become very popular. It is increasingly common for marketing managers to be challenged by top managers, to show the value of marketing expenditures to an organization's financial well-being. This course will introduce a variety of data based decision-aids in the marketing area that will often focus on those metrics. In addition, the course will also introduce SAS to you. SAS is a very popular tool that analysts in business and economics field have been using for decades now, and has the potential to open some doors for you when it comes to internships and jobs. The course will also use R in parallel to re-emphasize what you have already learnt in previous classes.

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Rakesh Niraj (Spring 2021)

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