Global Citizenship and Multi-Cultural OD: International Study Tour | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Global Citizenship and Multi-Cultural OD: International Study Tour

3.00 credit hours

This course will broaden perspectives and knowledge of how OD principles and technologies are generated and applied in contexts and cultures outside of North America. Selected literature representing global perspectives on the practice of OD and field experiences will provide support and background for personal experience and reflection on cross-cultural issues in organizing. The primary learning context will be an intense, 10-day study tour to some country outside of North America to provide the participants with opportunities for: 1) comparative studies of OD practices in different cultural settings; 2) in-depth experiences with OD practitioners and students in a different national, regional and cultural context; 3) co-inquiry with non-North American students also involved in developing OD knowledge and skills; and 4) on-site organization visits outside of North America to observe and learn about on-going dynamic change efforts.

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Ronald Fry (Spring 2023)

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