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Inclusive Leadership

3.00 credit hours

The purpose of this course is to help you understand the current theories and effective practices of inclusive leadership, and through this understanding, to help you enhance your own leadership practices and capabilities. We will examine the methods, challenges, trade-offs, and frontiers of inclusive leadership through application of leadership concepts to case studies. Student teams will identify and conduct an at-a-distance project studying a global executive. The course will facilitate the development of personal efficacy for working with and supervising diverse others-those from different nations/cultures, races/ethnicities, genders, age groups, religions and lifestyles who may have different values, perspectives, approaches and abilities. As you gain self-awareness of the impact of your own identity, you will clarify your own approaches and styles and become more authentic as a leader and change agent. You will also develop practical knowledge about enabling team cultures of engagement and inclusion.

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Diana Bilimoria (Fall 2022)

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