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Individual Field Project

3.00 credit hours

The objectives of this course are to: 1) demonstrate the ability to frame and design a clear cut action research project applied to a given organizational development challenge or improvement opportunity; 2) show the ability to engage and mobilize others in a collaborative effort toward a collective outcome; 3) employ a defined change process and use theory from the field of OD (e.g., AI, EI, Sustainability, Organization Design, Strategic Thinking, etc.) to inform practice; 4) evince the ability to sustain momentum during the course of a project, while navigating the complexities that one normally encounters in an effort to complete the action research cycle; 5) provide evidence that theorganization development change project has had a positive benefit or impact; and 6) reveal sufficient self-reflection and mindfulness in ways that further your own and others personal or professional development. These six objectives will fundamentally be the same competencies that I will look for in grading Part 1 and Part 2 of your assignment. Toward these ends, you are expected to plan and execute a significant organization development, and/or change project with an ongoing client or employer. Emphasis is placed on the craft of developing projects that are consistent with one's current skills, career plans, and developmental needs that can be combined with the needs, opportunities, readiness, and resources of the client organization.

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Harlow Cohen (Spring 2023)

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