Marketing Value Creation | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Marketing Value Creation

3.00 credit hours

Marketing value creation is the process of creating and managing successful brands through continuous innovation. Successful brand innovation and management requires understanding evolving customer needs; creating and delivering the right products, services, and experiences; and managing the process to enhance brand equity and customer satisfaction. Through text, readings, cases, high-profile guest lectures and team projects, this engaging class will cover the innovation and branding process from discovery of unmet needs, brand and product development, to brand promotion and advertising and brand equity measurement. A sustainability thread will weave through the course, covering topics such as brand's ecological footprint, product safety, eco-friendly branding, the ethics of advertising, the impact of pricing on consumers and corporate social responsibility. The result of proper sensitivity to customer needs, social concerns and the environment is integral to the process of value creation for customers, companies and society.

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Casey Newmeyer (Fall 2022)
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