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Selling and Sales Management

3.00 credit hours

Selling and sales management are keys to implementing an organization's marketing program and customer relationships. This course emphasizes developing an understanding of basic marketing concepts, selling principles, interrelationships among sales force management and other business functions, appropriate strategy for managing a sales force and measurement of sales force productivity. We will use theories of work motivation and explore how individual difference variables influence the choices of sales managers. This course uses a synthesis of sales research and leading practices to focuses on both a strategic and a tactical perspective. Strategic issues include: entrepreneurial strategy, the sales force's role in company strategy, customer relationship and strategic account management, sales force size and organization and career paths to sales management. Tactical issues include: effective approaches to selling, finding and retaining top sales talent, motivating and compensating the field force, evaluating performance, and aligning sales territories.

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Steven Weitzner (Fall 2022)

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