Qualitative Methods for Business | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Qualitative Methods for Business

1.00 credit hours

This course is offered online and helps students acquire and/or refresh the following probability, statistics, mathematics, and computer skills that are essential for success in the MBA program. Topics include: - Statistics: Descriptive Statistics (summarizing and explaining data). Probability (modelling randomness and variability using probability ideas). Sampling (mean, standard deviation, and the role of the Central Limit Theorem). -Algebra and Math: a self-guided review is provided of functions and their graphical representations, linear equations, and exponentials and logarithms. -Computer Skills: the basic use of SPSS and EXCEL for statistical analysis. This course is designed for non-MBA/non-WSOM students who have not taken a formal course in probability and statistics, have taken such a course long ago and need to refresh this knowledge, or are not confident with basic probability, statistics and mathematics. Recommended Preparation: Knowledge of high school mathematics and the basics of using EXCEL (such as writing formulas, copying cells and formulas, and so on).

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