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AMES Business Models II

3.00 credit hours

AMES BUSINESS MODELS is an experiential second-year MBA course designed to explore the challenges that face entrepreneurs and established organizations as they develop new business models. Throughout the course we will address three general questions regarding business model innovation: What are the key elements of any business model and how do those elements work in concert to create value? What challenges do innovators face as they explore new business models? What tools and techniques help innovators reduce their risk and enable growth? At the end of this course students should be able to: Describe the essential elements of a business model that leads to value creation. Assess the potential of any business model and the key assumptions upon which it is built. Design experiments to efficiently validate (or invalidate) those assumptions. Whether students plan to join an existing organization or start their own, these tools will provide a foundation for creating innovative, sustainable businesses. Coursework will fall into three categories: (1) Business model development on sponsored commercialization projects in the Fall semester, (2) Business model development of your team's own idea in the Spring semester, and (3) Mini in-class projects with guest speakers.

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Michael Goldberg (Spring 2019)

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