AMES Business Model

3.00 credit hours

AMES BUSINESS MODELS is an experiential 2nd year MBA course built around the challenge of developing a business model for a company or organization. Students will have the opportunity to work on teams on three distinct projects across two semesters. The first project will involve helping develop the core business model for a start-up company or a newly commercialized technology coming out of CWRU. The second project will focus on business models for existing product lines within mature companies (small, medium or large enterprises). The third project will involve the business model of a company located outside of the United States. The first semester will enable enterprise wide learning from various local, startup organizations is broken into two segments with the first semester of in class research and analysis of organizations and will teach students to capture the gestalt of a company and its issues relating to its business with case studies. This semester will also involve sharing practitioner and academic approaches to developing strategic business models such as Alexander Osterwalder's business model canvas as well as design approaches. Student teams will engage in three business model projects across the two semesters. They will come up with a set of hypotheses with the teaching staff and sponsors and then test their assumptions through a customer discovery and user research process. Students will work in teams to analyze the current situation and identify related problems/opportunities, conduct research, creatively envision alternatives, and recommend an appropriate course of action and next steps around the specified business model. Student projects will take place with companies or organizations in Cleveland or outside of the region (including international projects).

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Michael Goldberg (Fall 2018)

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