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Financial Management

3.00 credit hours

The purpose of this class is to introduce you to multiple concepts in Corporate Finance with the aim of providing principles and tools that enable you to make managerial decisions that increase the firm's value. The course will begin by building a foundation in understand the time value of money and its many applications, and then move on to various tools used to evaluate sound investment decision making. Students will also gain an understanding of how securities (different claims on the business) are evaluated and valued, including an in-depth treatment of risk vs. expected return, i.e., the notion that a more risky investment requires a higher expected return. We will then revisit corporate financial analysis first taught in financial accounting. The course will conclude with fundamental corporate valuation techniques. This portion of the class integrate topics learned earlier in the course, will build linkages to other courses (especially financial accounting) and reinforce what drives value as a manager within the enterprise.

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Scott Fine (Fall 2022)

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