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Accounting for Managers

3.00 credit hours

The course introduces graduate management students to accounting's role in business administration. Students learn that accounting is not math, truth, or putting numbers in to boxes. Instead, accounting is an imprecise language used to send and receive information about economic performance. Every language has its quirks, and accounting is no exception. Any communication problem that arises from use of English may reveal itself when one uses accounting. This course sensitizes students to common communication problems and suggests ways that they may be mitigated. A metaphor for the class is taking a one-semester introductory course in a foreign language. A semester's worth of study does not make one fluent. However, successful completion of the course allows motivated students, over the balance of their careers, to cultivate the ability to read, write, speak, and listen to that language. Time invested lays a foundation for accelerated learning. Highly motivated students eventually become fluent, while others are better able to use the language in everyday life

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Thomas King (Spring 2023)

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