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Probability, Statistics, and Quantitative Methods

0.00 credit hours

This course is the no-cost, online program that helps students acquire and/or refresh the following probability, statistics, mathematics, and computer skills that are essential for success in the MBA program. Topics include: - Statistics: Descriptive Statistics (summarizing and explaining data). Probability (modelling randomness and variability using probability ideas). Sampling (mean, standard deviation, and the role of the Central Limit Theorem). -Algebra and Math: a self-guided review is provided of functions and their graphical representations, linear equations, and exponentials and logarithms. -Computer Skills: the basic use of SPSS and EXCEL for statistical analysis. This course is designed for incoming MBA students who have not taken a formal course in probability and statistics, have taken such a course long ago and need to refresh this knowledge, or are not confident with basic probability, statistics and mathematics. This course is a required prerequisite for the first-year Statistics course. It is also assumed that you have the knowledge of the material in MBAP 400 for the core courses (especially Finance, Marketing, and Accounting) and is not reviewed in any of those courses. Recommended Preparation: Knowledge of high school mathematics and the basics of using EXCEL (such as writing formulas, copying cells and formulas, and so on).

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Daniel Solow (Summer 2022)

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