Design Thinking in Management

3.00 credit hours

Design Thinking in Management is a course. In the fall semester (MBAC 520A - Design & Sustainability, a 3credit hour course) students are introduced to sustainability which creates a foundational platform featuring key models and managerial tools for the building sustainable value and turning the social and global issues of our day into business opportunities. In the spring semester (MBAC 520B - Design Thinking in Management) students are introduced to Design which is giving form to an idea to conceive of a more desirable product, service, process or organization and refining the idea into something that can be delivered reliably and efficiently. Good design integrates these evolving ideas with the day-to-day realities of a firm's operations, systems, marketing, economics, finance and human resources. Designing is thus a unique managerial activity that brings together changing technologies, capabilities, relationships, activities and materials to shape an organization's plans and strategies. It combines analysis and synthesis in ways that are integrative and inventive, and through it managers create opportunities and means of attaining them.

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Youngjin Yoo (Spring 2018)

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