Management Perspectives and Dialogues

3.00 credit hours

This course serves as a vehicle to exercise critical thinking and integration skills. While much is learned by attending to the various functions of a business, effective management requires that you be able to integrate these to better understand the whole (organization, supply chain, market, industry, etc.). The course addresses that objective in three ways. First, we will bring in teams of senior managers for you to engage in dialogue about issues they have recently addressed, expect to address in the near future and how they function as leaders of their organizations. Next, are several modules that explore a couple of particular perspectives on management--that managers are designers and that businesses play a critical role in shaping a sustainable world. These are viewed as lenses for integrating the skills you are developing in the functional courses. Finally, we will have sessions in which you will practice thinking on your feet about how to approach business problems and situations. These are structured to help you in job interviews and to help you stand out in your early days in new work environment. The goal of this course is pragmatic. You can help by actively engaging with us in a dialogue about which elements work in helping you achieve these objectives and which do not.

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Simon Peck (Spring 2015)

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