Marketing Management

3.00 credit hours

MBAC 506 (Marketing Management) and MBAC 507 (Operations and Supply Chain Management) are an integrated presentation of the process of marketing, operations and supply chain management. Thus, they must be taken in numerical sequence or concurrently. Through lecture, discussion, cases and/or simulations you will learn theory and practice of how firms develop processes to understand, create and deliver triple bottom line value (i.e., economic, social and environmental) to business and/or consumer markets. In systems theory these continual-input-transformation-output stages comprise value chains. Specifically in this course, we will introduce you to and help you to practice the ways managers think about and employ information, processes, tools and skills in order to 1. understand and target value from the customer's perspective, 2. build marketing programs that attract, retain satisfied customers, and 3. evaluate brand equity based on customer lifetime value to the firm. Throughout both courses (see MBAC 507 for its specific content) we will address the integrated process of managing ongoing long-term relationships with customers, distribution partners and suppliers to assure long-term customer satisfaction and achievement of the organization's economic, social and environmental goals.

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Casey Newmeyer (Fall 2018)

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