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Managerial Accounting

1.50 credit hours

This course focuses on managerial accounting. Upon completion of the course, students should be comfortable with the following: -understanding the basics of commonly used costing methods. -creating and analyzing a budget. -analyzing departmental, divisional and corporate performance. -using data to make business decisions using managerial accounting techniques, and understanding the basic concepts of management decision analysis and the related vocabulary. Specifically, the course helps provide some answers to the following questions: -How is management accounting information prepared and reported, and how can it be understood and analyzed? -How can the analysis of management accounting and other data help management better understand the drivers of the company's financial performance, the strengths and weaknesses of the company's operations and management, and the risks and opportunities facing it? -How can the analysis of financial and other management information enable management to make the best decisions to address the risks and opportunities of its operations? The goal of this class is to move you from simply doing the work and forgetting it to helping you gain knowledge and a basic skill set that you will be able to apply to real-life opportunities.

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Robert Sheu (Spring 2023)

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