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Design Thinking in Management

1.00 credit hours

How did LEGO rise from the brink of bankruptcy and rejuvenate a once fraying toy business? By seeking to more thoroughly understand the value of toys. How did the company conduct this pursuit? By observing children playing and then talking with them about what was seen. How did Samsung over the last decade become the world largest television manufacturer? By understanding the value of electronic screens. How did it gain new insights about them? By going to consumers' residences and observing how individuals and families (and other groups) use their televisions in their own home settings. These companies and many others, Amazon, Apple, Chick-fil-A, Geek Squad (before acquired by Best Buy), Netflix, and Starbucks, have embraced design as a business discipline responsible for identifying opportunities to create new value through the innovation of goods, services, and experiences. This course offers to equip you with basic design frameworks, methods, and tools to enhance the knowledge and skills gained in other courses and concentrations within Weatherhead's MBA program. Successful business leaders in the 21st century will need to possess a working knowledge of design as a part of their management acumen. Knowing how to think innovatively in the face of wickedly complex challenges, for one's business, organization, and industry, within the broader cultural milieu of customers lives will surely distinguish exemplary business leaders from lesser performers. Whether your career finds you serving within a multinational corporation or an entrepreneurial start-up, a governmental agency or non-profit enterprise, the ability to be innovative and creative upon demand will be a crucial skill. These seminar workshops aim to convince you that such is indeed are learnable skills, and to provide a foundation for further developing your design thinking over time.

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James Gilmore (Fall 2022)

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