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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

3.00 credit hours

In all companies, new and old, large and small, innovation and entrepreneurship are important ways economic value is created. Whether a person wants to found their own company or work in an existing one, and whether one wants to run a business or simply work in one, it is difficult to go through one's career without needing to engage in innovation or entrepreneurship. The purpose of this course is to equip students to think about how to manage innovation and entrepreneurship. The course will provide frameworks and tools for understanding four important dimensions of innovation and entrepreneurship: (1) Identifying and evaluating opportunities for the new products, processes, ways of organizing, materials, and markets; (2) assessing the needs of customers for new products and services and developing products and services that fulfill those needs; (3) creating strategies to financially benefit from investing in innovation and entrepreneurship; and (4) designing groups and organizations to be innovative and entrepreneurial.

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Scott Shane (Fall 2019)

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