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Healthcare Financial Management

2.50 credit hours

This course will consider basic financial concepts, techniques, and strategies for institutions and companies in the U.S. health care delivery system. Note that this may differ from the influences one would find in a different country since the payment system and ownership structures vary widely around the world. These basics include relevant factors in the economic, medical, and financial environment that shape an intelligent financial decision. Therefore, although the course is directed towards financial management decisions in health delivery organizations, it may also be useful for those who supply the industry (equipment, drugs and services), purchase services from it (employers, third party administrators, health plans) or finance these (insurance, banking, investors). Public policy and the structure of the industry also play an important role in the course. However, the general approach is from the point of view of a decision-maker in a health care organizational setting dealing with issues with important economic or financial dimensions.

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JB Silvers (Spring 2023)

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