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Expanding Boundaries

2.50 credit hours

This course will help you understand the keys to successful corporate development-competitive advantage in every business in which a firm is involved. In particular, the course will help the participants to understand the following: -Corporate development strategy through capabilities and leveragable capabilities -Before venturing into a new business, the firm has to have a clear understanding of the critical capabilities required for success in the new business. -Firms can increase the odds of success if they can leverage (parts of ) existing capabilities to new businesses. -Corporate development strategies-adapting to a market -Analyze the industry environment in order to select the competitive battlefield to increase the odds of success by leveraging some of your existing capabilities - sometimes also known as core competencies. This is a relatively low risk strategy. We will develop methodologies that will allow you to identify markets (segments) where your current capabilities are leveragable. -Shaping a market usually requires developing a completely new set of capabilities - very risky. We will develop concepts to understand techniques to mitigate these risks. -Acquisitions as one of the means for corporate development -Approximately half of the class sessions will be devoted to the specific case of acquisitions as a means to expand the boundaries of a firm. We will explore both how acquisitions contribute to competitive advantage and the selection process and integration of the acquired entity. Less emphasis will be placed on strict financial valuations and negotiations.

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Sayan Chatterjee (Spring 2023)

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