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Health Informatics, Analytics & Decision Making

2.50 credit hours

Increasingly in today's healthcare environment, those aspiring to succeed in leadership positions are expected to know and do more than their primary discipline traditionally required. They are also expected to transform their organizations - whether they are departments or IDS's - to a higher state of quality, effectiveness, efficiency and competitiveness. To meet this expectation they must be able to harness the interrelated power of information, analytics and decision support to plan, evaluate, improve, and control their organization. This course is for executives in health care delivery, health planning, regulatory, or accrediting organizations who will be involved with, be responsible for, or oversee: The use and/or management of health or organizational information, and analytic and decision processes; The improvement / innovation of their organization's operations and decision processes; and/or The design, acquisition, implementation, and/or evaluation of health information technologies (HIT). The course is intended to develop competence and confidence in the participant's ability to understand and manage the complex information, analytics and decision environment.

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Colin Drummond (Fall 2022)

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