EDMP 672 | Weatherhead

Flourishing Enterprise: Creating Sustainable Value for Business and World Benefit

3.00 credit hours

This course is designed to galvanize new visions of business and society, as well as organizational leadership. The course is born of a conviction that the future of human society and the natural world is intimately linked to the future of the world economy, business enterprises, and management education. The course presentations, books, dialogues, and interview projects are organized around three themes: (1) the state of the world and the economics possibilities of our time, (2) the business case for understanding business as an agent of world benefit--how business performance can profit from current and future advances in sustainable design and social entrepreneurship; and (3) tools for becoming a change leader--including the methods of Appreciative Inquiry and new insights about strength-based change emerging from the science of human strengths. The overarching aim is to provide a powerful introduction to the many facets of sustainable value creation as a complete managerial approach.

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Chris Laszlo (Spring 2020)

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