Econometrics | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University


4.00 credit hours

Hotel rooms at a ski resort are expensive in the winter when the hotel is full, and they are cheap in the summer when it is empty. Despite this, you shouldn't conclude that you can sell more hotel rooms by raising the price! Econometrics is the branch of economics that uses statistical tools to investigate data and estimate the correct causal effects, even in complicated observational data like the above example. In this course we study the theory behind regression analysis, develop techniques for building flexible models, and learn cutting-edge strategies for isolating causal impacts. This hands-on class will focus on the intuition and application of these models, rather than pure theory. It will provide students with tools they can use professionally and in their own research. Topics covered include multivariate regression, probit models, fixed effects, difference-in-differences, synthetic controls, GMM, instrumental variables, regression discontinuity, and more. Though students will leave with the ability to program statistical models, no programming experience is assumed.

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Daniel Shoag (Spring 2023)

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