Business Model Innovation | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Business Model Innovation

3.00 credit hours

We will take the perspective of the business unit or an entrepreneur starting a business. The course will be built around defining the following as problems. Where to play, how to win and what to do. We will deconstruct many innovative business models. However, the learning objective for you is to understand a process by which you can design (reconstruct) similar innovative business models. The process of identifying a creative outcome is essentially a search task, equivalent to find valuable treasures in an unexplored space. One can find treasure by walking around randomly or following a well thought out search algorithm. The latter, however, is much more efficient, guarantees much higher payoff in the long term, and can be learned and replicated by any willing explorers. Example in Fossil Hunting.

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Sayan Chatterjee (Fall 2022)

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