Business Model Innovation and Diversification | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Business Model Innovation and Diversification

3.00 credit hours

This course is an advanced strategy course that explores the determinants of successful corporate strategy. In Strategy Issues and Applications you were exposed to the basic frameworks for developing successful competitive or business unit level strategy. Corporate strategy takes you to the next level and provides the frameworks you need to be able to be successful in multiple businesses. At its core corporate strategy constitutes any and all decisions that change the core business model of a firm. Examples are vertical integration, new but related product lines, entering new markets with existing products and entering new or existing markets with unrelated products. The fundamental premise of the course is that successful corporate strategy is rooted in competitive advantage arising from capabilities residing at the business unit level. Starting from analyzing business level strategies of very simple firms, the course successively builds frameworks towards more complicated business level strategies. Next, the course develops frameworks to discuss corporate strategy based around the concept of core competencies and market entry strategies. Finally, the course develops the concepts that are useful in greenfield entries, alliances and acquisitions as part of an overall corporate strategy.

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Sayan Chatterjee (Fall 2021)

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