Chief Executive Officer | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Chief Executive Officer

3.00 credit hours

This course will take the perspective of the CEO in deciding the actions that lead to sustainable competitive advantage. We will study decisions that span from starting a small business to expanding beyond the core using mergers and acquisitions. We will also study how CEOs decide to exit a market. The successful CEO not only has to design the strategy for success but has to also design an execution plan. As the organization grows the importance of delegation to the right subordinates becomes increasingly critical. The course material includes case studies, decision briefs and presentations (virtual and in person) by senior executives. Decision briefs are short notes that have the same information that the CEOs had when starting the business. You will develop the strategy based on these decision briefs and will compare your suggestions to what was actually done by both successful and unsuccessful CEOs. Offered as DESN 425 and IIME 424.

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Sayan Chatterjee (Spring 2023)

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