Entrepreneurship and The Good Life | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Entrepreneurship and The Good Life

3.00 credit hours

This course employs an active learning approach, based on the belief that entrepreneurial success and pursuit of the good life is driven by a progression of experience-based and real world insights rather than a list of policies and practices delivered via long lectures. Pursuing the Good Life, when done effectively, leads to wealth. Wealth, like happiness, is not to be pursued directly, it ensues as a result of living a life of positive impact for yourself and others. Pursue the good life, and wealth will naturally follow. We will explore various entrepreneurial strategies to design and experience a life of impact and fulfillment (a.k.a. the good life). We will seek to explore these topics through the eyes of entrepreneurs* (i.e. experts in self-determination and high value problem solving) and others who work with them to experience them and their ideas. Offered as DESN 419 and IIME 419.

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Christopher Lowry (Fall 2022)
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