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Introduction to Research Inquiry

3.00 credit hours

This course begins participants' three-year research experience. Energized by one's personal passion and commitment to the topic, we seek for the work to be accomplished at a level that makes it worthy of widespread dissemination and influence as engaged scholars. The goal in this course is to prepare students to develop their minds as scholars by understanding the world of research; develop a research identity by identifying one's research domain; learn to read academic literature and write in a scholarly style; work with academic literature to identify and digest concepts and theories that inform research on that problem; begin to develop a conceptual model that abstracts how the world may be functioning in that problem domain and points to a research question that can guide the next stage of the research. The final deliverable for this course is to present the research topic with substantiation for its significance, relevance and timeliness in the management field. This would include the research question(s); the literature review; and proposed qualitative methodology and analytical approach(es). Offered as DBAP 665 and EDMP 665.

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Philip Cola (Fall 2022)

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