Integration of Qualitative and Quantitative Inquiry | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Integration of Qualitative and Quantitative Inquiry

3.00 credit hours

Using the mixed method research toolkit developed in previous courses, this course focuses on critically analyzing selected pieces of published applied and policy research to develop a critical appreciation of issues and debates that have wide applicability and relevance. In particular, it offers students ways to integrate and triangulate using a mixed method approach, different forms of evidence, and related evidence. In addition, this course addresses common method choice and justification issues and related challenges of validity and theory formulation that typically arise during the students' execution of a series of individual research projects. Application of critical analysis and appreciation approach in justifying mixed methods designs to the student's own research work is encouraged and supported by sharing and discussing common research and methodology themes and problems. Offered as DBAP 645 and EDMP 645.

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