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Accounting and Financial Management

3.00 credit hours

This course focuses on learning the language of business, how basic accounting information is reported and analyzed, and how basic financial principles can be applied to understanding how value is created within an enterprise. This course is intended for individuals who have a limited background in accounting, finance and business. Most of the exercises will involve evaluating and building models in Excel. Teaching objectives are fairly straightforward: 1. Provide you with a basic understanding of the key principles of accounting and finance. We will quickly cover material that is typically covered in a three-course sequence (Introductory Accounting and Finance I and II). We will fly at a fairly high level, but we want to make sure you understand the basic concepts. 2. Apply these concepts to real (but straightforward) business situations, to gain a better understanding of how companies utilize accounting and financial information. 3. Time permitting, explore how these concepts can be applied to securities, mergers and acquisitions and leveraged buyout transactions, with a specific emphasis on how these concepts are likely to surface in your role in such transactions.

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Amra Rausche (Spring 2023)

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