Introduction to Fintech | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Introduction to Fintech

3.00 credit hours

Fintech refers to financial sector innovations involving technology-enabled business models that can facilitate disintermediation. These innovations are revolutionizing how existing firms create and deliver products and services, addresses privacy, regulatory and law-enforcement challenges, provides new gateways for entrepreneurship, and seed opportunities for inclusive growth. Fintech is also the label for increasingly technological approaches to the main financial intermediation functions: payments, capital raising, remittances, managing uncertainty and risk, market price discovery, and mediating information asymmetry and incentives. In today's Fintech businesses, consumers bank via mobile apps integrated into social media, institutions trade electronically, and robo-advisers make decisions about investment portfolios. This course provides an introduction to the emerging Fintech discipline. The course will cover Fintech innovations, who and how traditional players are being affected and how they must respond, and what business models for new and traditional financial services firms are likely to succeed.

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Gregory Harmon (Fall 2022)

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