Introduction to Accounting for Non-Business Majors | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Introduction to Accounting for Non-Business Majors

3.00 credit hours

The course covers the principle of financial and managerial accounting for non-management students, including the framework that underlies financial and management accounting and how accounting information should be used by: (1) parties external to the firm, i.e., stockholders, creditors and government, to evaluate the financial performance of an organization; and (2) internal management to fulfill the planning, control and performance evaluation functions. Enrollment is limited to students who are neither management nor accounting majors nor enrolled in the Weatherhead School of Management. This course may be substituted for ACCT 102. A student may not receive credit for both ACCT 100 and ACCT 102. This course cannot be substituted for ACCT 102 without a waiver from the chairman. Offered as ACCT 100 and ACCT 400.

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Dallin Smith (Spring 2021)
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