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Weatherhead: A global pioneer in thought leadership.

KabirianAssociate Professor, Operations HarmonAssistant Professor, Banking and Finance KazemianAssistant Professor, Operations MalhotraAlbert J. Weatherhead, III Professor of ManagementProfessor, Operations GuptaProfessor, Banking and Finance MathurDepartment Chair, OperationsProfessor, Operations FineProfessor, Banking and Finance NingAssociate Professor, Operations BalasubramanyanAssistant Professor, Banking and Finance SolowProfessor, Operations BaeAssistant Professor, Banking and Finance VairaktarakisWilliam E. Umstattd Professor of Industrial EconomicsProfessor, Operations PrevitsProfessor, Accountancy WuAssociate Professor, Operations YangVisiting Associate Professor, Operations MartinAssociate Professor, Accountancy BilimoriaKeyBank ProfessorDepartment Chair, Organizational BehaviorProfessor, Organizational Behavior KingDepartment Chair, AccountancyProfessor, Accountancy BoyatzisH.R. Horvitz Professor of Family BusinessProfessor, Organizational BehaviorDistinguished University Professor, Case Western Reserve University KeyserAssistant Professor, Accountancy CaseAssociate Professor, Organizational Behavior JonasAssociate Professor, Accountancy CoenAssociate Professor, Organizational Behavior FogartyProfessor, Accountancy CohenProfessor, Organizational Behavior CooperriderChar and Chuck Fowler Professor of Business as an Agent of World BenefitThe Covia–David L. Cooperrider Professorship in Appreciative InquiryProfessor, Organizational BehaviorDistinguished University Professor, Case Western Reserve University ConradAssociate Professor, Accountancy FryProfessor, Organizational Behavior CarlisleAssistant Professor, Accountancy LaszloProfessor, Organizational BehaviorVisiting Professor, The Drucker School of Management, Claremont Graduate University BucaroAssistant Professor, Accountancy MesserAssistant Professor, Organizational Behavior BraunProfessor, Accountancy SmithProfessor, Organizational Behavior Blakeway-PhillipsAssistant Professor, Accountancy StephensAssociate Professor, Organizational Behavior

Learn breakthrough business concepts from the people who invented them.

KimAssistant Professor, Design & Innovation LyytinenDepartment Chair, Design & InnovationProfessor, Design & InnovationDistinguished University Professor, Case Western Reserve UniversityDistinguished Visiting Professor, AAlto University, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management JohnsonAssociate Professor, Design & Innovation NambisanThe Nancy and Joseph Keithley Professorship of Technology ManagementProfessor, Design & Innovation GoldbergAssociate Professor, Design & Innovation NewmeyerAssistant Professor of Marketing; Design & Innovation NirajAssociate Professor of Marketing; Design & Innovation GilmoreAssistant Professor, Design & Innovation PeckAssociate Professor, Design & Innovation GhoshAssistant Professor, Design & Innovation RamanujamAssociate Professor, Design & Innovation ColaAssociate Professor, Design & InnovationAdjunct Assistant Professor of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University ReddyProfessor, Design & Innovation ChatterjeeProfessor, Design & Innovation SinghAT&T Professor of MarketingProfessor, Design & Innovation BuchananProfessor, Design & InnovationChair Professor of Design Theory, Practice, and Entrepreneurship, College of Design & Innovation, Tongji University WidingProfessor of Marketing; Design & Innovation YooElizabeth M. and William C. Treuhaft Professorship in EntrepreneurshipProfessor, Design & Innovation BolandProfessor, Design & Innovation ClingingsmithAssociate Professor, Economics WangAssistant Professor, Banking and Finance ErnestAssistant Professor, Economics SilversProfessor, Banking and Finance HawkinsAssistant Professor, Economics ShankarAssistant Professor, Banking and Finance HelperFrank Tracy Carlton Professor of EconomicsProfessor, Economics RitchkenKenneth Walter Haber ProfessorProfessor, Banking and Finance ShaneA. Malachi Mixon III Professor of Entrepreneurial StudiesProfessor, Economics SheremetaAssociate Professor, Economics PetkovaAssociate Professor, Banking and Finance ShoagAssociate Professor, Economics NohAssistant Professor, Banking and Finance VotrubaDepartment Chair, EconomicsAssociate Professor, Economics MadureiraProfessor, Banking and Finance XiongAssistant Professor, Economics KrishnanDepartment Chair, Banking and FinanceProfessor, Banking and Finance


A global pioneer in thought leadership.

At Weatherhead, students are engaged by faculty whose groundbreaking business concepts have transformed approaches to management education and business leadership and are now being practiced around the globe. As developers of world renowned methodologies, our faculty are among the top leading thinkers and are pioneers of positive change.

Management concepts researched and developed by Weatherhead faculty:

Classroom Experience

Students build one-on-one relationships with transformational thought leaders in intimate classroom settings, blending advanced theory, thoughtful analysis, real-world insight and experiential learning.

While achieving mastery in disciplines such as accounting, economics, finance, marketing, operations research and supply chain management, organizational behavior, statistics and strategy, Weatherhead students gain an edge over their peers by understanding the cross-disciplinary development of human potential with strengths-based methods of inquiry, design and change management.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the globe have participated in Weatherhead’s Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) as more and more individuals access learning opportunities outside the traditional classroom through online Open Education.

Mission Statement:

Developing transformational ideas and outstanding leaders for the advancement of business and society.

The world’s first department of Design & Innovation

The learning community at Weatherhead applies the principles of design in management to envision better products, services and business practices across all industries for a better world.

Weatherhead’s Department of Design & Innovation embraces Case Western Reserve University’s strategic focus on forward thinking that includes an increased emphasis on innovation, technology development and cross-disciplinary activity.

Weatherhead’s emphasis on design and innovation:

  • creates knowledge for generating novel and valuable products, services and systems, and
  • develops organizational leaders and entrepreneurs who are skilled in designing innovative, value-creating relationships with customers, stakeholders and society.

Business as an Agent of World Benefit

Using Appreciative Inquiry and other strengths-based methods of inquiry, Weatherhead considers the human experience to change the way managers frame problems, observe interactions and lead organizations to flourish. This broadens the scope of sustainability to see every social and global issue as an opportunity to ignite innovation and entrepreneurship for new sources of value.

Weatherhead’s emphasis on business as an agent of world benefit makes us committed to diversity almost by default. Our international learning community is characterized by open dialogue and mutual respect among individuals of different specializations, backgrounds, cultures and perspectives.

Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit

Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit exists to advance the scholarship and practice of flourishing enterprise. Students interested in flourishing enterprise, sustainable value or Appreciative Inquiry can serve as interns or fellows at the Fowler Center.

What people are saying

Richard Boyatzis

Effective leadership is rare (less than 10% of people in leadership positions add value). Our EMBA at Weatherhead is organized around creating effective leaders at all levels (individual, dyads, teams, organization and community). Using an action learning pedagogy that is both practical and evidence-based in all aspects of managing organizations, our internationally known faculty and track record of building leaders is distinctive and tested to make a difference.

Richard Boyatzis, PhD Distinguished University Professor
H.R. Horvitz Professor of Family Business
Professor of Organizational Behavior
Sarah Corrigan

We get high quality face time with professors. Professors at Weatherhead are unmatched leaders in their fields and the principles they’re teaching. More than that, they’re extremely open and collaborative. The professors are the best bridge between the classroom and the real world.

Sarah Corrigan MBA 2014

An education that sets Weatherhead graduates apart.

Weatherhead is highly regarded by thought leaders for excellence in research and teaching and for our innovative approaches to business management. We’re proud of those accolades, but our focus is on the difference Weatherhead can make for our graduates, their organizations and the global business community.

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percentage of international students
percentage of full-time MBA class that is female
U.S. Ranking for Executive MBA
The Economist 2015
to develop a PhD in Operations Research
to develop a PhD in Organizational Behavior
to develop a Design & Innovation department
countries from which students originate
full-time MBA in the U.S.
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part-time MBA in Ohio
U.S. News 2016
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Innovative degree programs

Weatherhead students are leaders in organizations all around the globe. They leave Weatherhead equipped with the ability to design, innovate, and effect positive changes in self, teams, organizations and society. Attending Weatherhead doesn't just change your career path, it changes your entire life.

Executive Education Across the Street

What you learn in a single day can change everything. Weatherhead Executive Education programs dive deep into complex business theories in brief periods of time to yield immediate and substantial professional development results. As a program participant, you will learn from Weatherhead faculty members known for organizing dozens of breakthrough business concepts. Jump into one of over 70 Executive Education programs at Weatherhead, and change everything. Find out what you can #LearnInADay.

Thought Leaders Around the Globe

Hundreds of thousands of people around the globe have participated in Weatherhead’s Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) as more and more individuals access learning opportunities outside the traditional classroom through open online education.

Weatherhead Community

Learning doesn’t stop once you’ve earned your degree. From the first connection with Weatherhead to decades beyond graduation day, the relationships with faculty, staff, and fellow students will last a lifetime. These relationships combined with Weatherhead’s network of over 18,000 alumni will keep you engaged, inspired and motivated to push yourself, your career and your organizational aspirations “beyond the possible” long after you graduate.

Thinking about business school?

Think Weatherhead School of Management.

Think beyond the possible.

A Weatherhead degree can prepare you for success in the constantly changing and challenging business environment. If you’re passionate about making a difference in your organization and the larger business community, find out more about Weatherhead.