Current Status and Updates | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Current Status and Updates

You can see here a timeline of the planned phases of the process.


Chart showing current phase of strategic planning process

The Steering Committee has concluded the design of the Weatherhead Strategic Plan. Below you find the mission, vision, and value statements of the plan. Full version of the strategic plan will be available here soon.

  • MISSION: The Weatherhead School of Management has an enduring impact on business and society through cutting edge research and innovative teaching that prepares professionals for the marketplace of the future.
  • VISION: The Weatherhead School of Management is a leader in data driven, experiential, and market-based management education and research. We leverage our strengths from Appreciative Inquiry to Artificial Intelligence (AI to AI), empowering our graduates to solve complex problems and lead thriving organizations that do well by doing good.
  • VALUES: The Weatherhead School of Management proudly embraces our student-centered culture of excellence that promotes collaboration, inclusion, and diversity in all that we do. Weatherhead's values are collaboration, student-centered, diversity, excellence
    • Student-Centered – We believe in our students and alumni being our true north, and promote their development, growth, and well-being.
    • Excellence with Integrity – We act ethically and transparently with all our internal and external stakeholders to promote and reward a culture of inquiry and discovery that is driven by evidence-based innovation in our research, in our classroom experience, and in our community endeavors.
    • Collaboration in Action – We act collegially within our WSOM community, the University, and with external partners to develop enduring and transformational knowledge across disciplines.
    • Diversity with Inclusion – We value diversity of ideas, culture, and people to foster an inclusive, respectful, and supportive community of lifelong learners.

The Steering Committee group has formally met 12 times during the period. We've held 10 forums with our stakeholders (2 with faculty, 2 with staff, 3 with students, and 3 with alumni) and completed surveys with each group of stakeholders. We have surveyed over 30 companies regarding their input on what is needed for a WSOM graduate to succeed at their company. We've also had individual conversations with many of these stakeholders and conducted feedback events with Alumni Advisory Council, Department Chairs, Weatherhead Visiting Committee, the Provost Office, and faculty and staff. We are grateful to all who participated in the many events of this process.