Weatherhead Rankings

Rankings play an important and challenging role in business education. They provide a useful way of tracking our progress as Weatherhead seeks to improve performance in teaching, research, student placements, and reputation. They also provide important information for students, prospective students, and alumni.

Because Weatherhead is small, and because some rankings do not evaluate a school unless its program is larger than a certain class size, we are occasionally left out of an evaluation; such an omission is not a reflection on the quality of our programs.

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Top 30 Design Thinking in Management School
(Businessweek, 2009–Global)
#1 Undergraduate Finance Program
(Businessweek, 2012–U.S.)
#3 Organizational Behavior Department
(Financial Times, 2008–Global)
#5 Undergraduate Microeconomics Program
(Businessweek, 2012–U.S.)
One of the 10 Most Innovative Business School Courses — The MBA Practicum in Sustainable Value and Social Entrepreneurship
(Forbes, 2010–U.S.)
#7 Undergraduate Macroeconomics Program
(Businessweek, 2012–U.S.)
#10 Small Full-Time MBA
(Beyond Grey Pinstripes, 2009–Global)
#18 Undergraduate Accounting Program
(Businessweek, 2012–U.S.)
#21 Executive MBA Program/#16 in the U.S.
(Businessweek, 2009–Global)
#22 Undergraduate Quantitative Methods Program
(Businessweek, 2010–U.S.)
#24 Undergraduate Accounting Program
(Public Accounting Rankings, 2009–U.S.)
#27 Full-Time MBA
(America Economia, 2012–Global)
#28 Undergraduate Business Program
(U.S. News & World Report, 2012–U.S.)
#29 Part-Time MBA
(U.S. News & World Report, 2012–U.S.)
#33 Full-Time MBA/#25 in the U.S.
(Beyond Grey Pinstripes, 2009–Global)
#34 Executive MBA/#23 in the U.S.
(The Economist, 2013–Global)
#36 Undergraduate Business Program
(Businessweek, 2012–U.S.)
#51 Full-Time MBA
(Businessweek, 2010–U.S.)
#55 Full-Time MBA/#32 in the U.S.
(Expansion Magazine, 2011-Global)
#52 Full-Time MBA
(U.S. News & World Report, 2013–U.S.)
#53 Part-Time MBA/#10 in Midwest
(Businessweek, 2013–U.S.)
#62 Full-Time MBA
(Forbes, 2011–U.S.)
#80 Full-Time MBA/#48 in the U.S.
(Financial Times, 2010–Global)
#86 Full-Time MBA/#46 in the U.S.
(The Economist, 2012–Global)

In 2013, The Princeton Review cited Weatherhead among the "Best 295 Business School for 2014." In 2010, Weatherhead’s MBA program was named one of fifteen top “green” MBAs according to the website MBA Channel, in the company of programs at Columbia, Yale, Cornell, and the University of Michigan. In addition, Each year, the environmental nonprofit the Sierra Club puts together a list of 100 “cool schools”—colleges and universities striving to be sensitive to their environmental impact. In the 2010 ranking, Case Western Reserve University came in at #74.