Fred Collopy, PhD

Fred Collopy, PhD
Vice Dean
Professor, Design & Innovation

Educated at the Wharton School in the largely analytic field of decision sciences, where he worked on the development of forecasting methods, Fred has maintained a lifelong interest in design. As a software designer, he has developed several large systems, including the first personal information manager (The Desk Organizer), a forecasting system that integrates statistics and judgment (Rule-Based Forecasting), an accounting representation that displays no numbers (Business Animator), and an instrument for playing abstract images the way that musicians play abstract sounds (Imager).

Collopy's research has appeared in both academic and practitioner journals, including Management Science, the International Journal of Forecasting, Design Issues, Chief Executive Officer, and Leonardo: the Journal of Arts, Sciences and Technology. He edited the 2004 Stanford University Press book Managing as Designing and has lectured around the world on how analytic and synthetic thinking can be integrated to better manage increasingly complex companies and societies. He has consulted extensively with organizations as diverse as IBM Research, Apple, the U.S. Naval Office of Personnel Research and Development, Cleveland Public Schools and the EPA.

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