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What Does it Mean to be an Accredited University?

AACSB Accredited seal

What does it mean to be an accredited university?

There are several different types of university accreditations. Some are specific to a single program or department while others are issued to an entire university. AACSB accreditation is specific to business education and is only issued to 5% of the world’s 13,000 business programs. Case Western Reserve’s Weatherhead School of Management has been an AACSB-accredited business school since 1958.

Why it matters

Students who graduate from an AACSB-accredited school are more desirable to employers and receive higher, more competitive salaries. Employers know that students who graduate from an AACSB-accredited school are taught by the most respected professors and leaders in the industry and will have higher levels of performance.

Accredited professors and leaders

Respected professors and leaders are attracted to AACSB-accredited schools for several reasons. Students and faculty are of a higher caliber, curricula development and delivery is continuously refined and the overall sense of morale and pride at the school is sky-high. This must be why 91% of deans surveyed reported that AACSB accreditation helps them to enhance their ability to recruit and retain quality faculty.

Other business school accreditations

There are three other business school accreditations you might come across in your search for a university: ACBSP, IACBE and DEAC. These accreditations offer students additional peace of mind but may not have the same prestige as AACSB accreditation with some employers. For example, Intel no longer provides tuition reimbursement for employees attending business schools with ACBSP accreditation (source).

The Weatherhead difference

Weatherhead’s devotion to Design Thinking, Appreciative Inquiry and Emotional Intelligence combined with its AACSB accreditation produces well-rounded and highly educated graduates. Are you ready to learn breakthrough business concepts from the people who invented them? Apply today.