Posted 11.1.04

If you're starting a business, your best odds of success are in high technology industries: not just computing and telecom, but also biotech, aerospace, electronics, manufacturing and materials, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, robotics, and other knowledge-intensive fields. Finding Fertile Ground: Identifying Extraordinary Opportunities for New Ventures is the first complete framework for entrepreneurs who want to start high technology businesses.

Dr. Shane identifies the key factors associated with long-term success. You'll discover how to identify market opportunities and competitor weaknesses, evaluate customer needs, manage risk and uncertainty, predict product adoption and diffusion, structure your organization, and protect intellectual property. Along the way, Dr. Shane shows how to account for crucial issues such as network externalities, and the emergence of dominant designs and technical standards.

Unlike other books on entrepreneurship, this one offers solutions specifically targeted at high tech startups. There's no better way to find your best opportunities.

Indispensable tools for every high-tech entrepreneur, manager, and investor

The right market and more: what it'll take to be "the next Google"

Assess the market potential for products nobody's even imagined before

Beat the biggest players-from the smallest garage. Overcome your largest, most established competitors

Create powerful barriers to entry and imitation. Keep your markets to yourself-no matter how big they grow.

Read a sample chapter: Selecting the Right Industry

For more information about Professor Scott Shane, click here.

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