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1.2.14 – Use AI to get New Year's resolution results, HuffPo blogger says, citing Cooperrider

1.6.14 – JB Silvers explains why nobody loves their health insurance company

1.6.14 – Richard Boyatzis interview among podcaster's top 9 for 2013

1.8.14 – Weatherhead's Scott Shane weighs in on healthcare coverage for entrepreneurs

1.12.14 – Weatherhead professor Kalle Lyytinen wins prestigious LEO award

1.13.14 – Scott Shane thinks Congress should cut regulations on small businesses

1.13.14 – Robin Dubin discusses her research on urban blight on News Channel 5

1.14.14 – Dean Robert Widing talks with Akron Beacon Journal about Weatherhead 100 winners

1.14.14 – Cleveland Clinic bid to buy Akron General fails, but Akron General has plenty of options, JB Silvers says

1.14.14 – Mindfulness blogger cites Richard Boyatzis' research on mindful leadership

1.14.14 – Scott Shane's new Entrepreneur magazine op-ed: the anti-Main Street president

1.14.14 – Money Perspectives: Weatherhead's Bill Mahnic on retirement savings

1.17.14 – Weatherhead ORSC Student's Big Data Analytics Dream

1.17.14 – Susan Helper extols link between manufacturing and innovation

1.21.14 – Plain Dealer interviews Michael Goldberg about Cleveland-style entrepreneurship

1.21.14 – Scott Shane explains why Colorado and Washington were wise to legalize marijuana

1.21.14 – How can boards improve their performance? DM student's HBR blog post explains

1.22.14 – Operations research and supply chain management student's internship search pays off

1.27.14 – U.S. Commerce Department Chief Economist Susan Helper speaks at City Club of Cleveland

1.28.14 – New Weatherhead School program designed to help women succeed, remain in STEM professions

1.29.14 – Scott Shane on gender gap among entrepreneurs

1.31.14 – Young Entrepreneurs Foundation blog discusses Scott Shane's research


2.4.14 – Weatherhead's Silke Forbes sheds light on United Airlines' pullout from Cleveland

2.4.14 – Are Millenials really the entrepreneurial generation? Scott Shane weighs in

2.5.14 – Plain Dealer talks to Silke Forbes for article on 5 things you should know about United Airlines' pullout

2.5.14 – Richard Boyatzis' research reveals how to motivate employees

2.6.14 – Bulletproofing your identity: Bill Mahnic explains how on Fox 8

2.7.14 – Women in Academia Report highlights Weatherhead Executive Education's Leadership Lab for Women in STEM

2.10.14 – GreenBiz article draws on Chris Laszlo's research to explain how companies can help each other with energy efficiency goals

2.10.14 – Weatherhead's Rakesh Niraj offers tips for using QR codes effectively

2.10.14 – Have you heard these Business901 podcasts exploring David Cooperrider's appreciative inquiry?

2.10.14 – A new chapter for a Weatherhead alumna

2.11.14 – David Cooperrider's health transformation inspires others

2.11.14 – Richard Boyatzis’s MOOC attracts more than 188,000 students

2.12.14 – Richard Boyatzis quoted on coaching on Yahoo! Small Business Advisor

2.18.14 – Michael DeAloia Welcomes Daughter

2.19.14 – Internships at the Department of Commerce

2.19.14 – MSM-OR/SC student Mia Chi

2.21.14 – Cooperrider and Fry collaborate with Mayor Jackson to help create a green city on a blue lake

2.24.14 – Michael Golberg appears on MSNBC Your Business, shares global marketing advice

2.24.14 – Student Career Employment Program

2.24.14 – Government Relations/Pulic Affairs Intern

2.24.14 – Robin Dubin interviewed on Kaleidoscope

2.24.14 – Professor Jeffrey Wolcowitz publishes paper in Busienss Education and Accreditation

2.24.14 – Professor Roman Sheremeta presents paper at AEA

2.24.14 – Weatherhead student team advances to regionals of CFA Institute Research Challenge 

2.24.14 – MSM-OR/SC student Taylor Roll

2.25.14 – Research Opportunity for Graduating Senior

2.25.14 – Crain's highlights Weatherhead's Leadership Lab for Women in STEM

2.26.14 – Dean Robert Widing illuminates business as an agent of world benefit

2.26.14 – A gold medal from for David Cooperrider's business as an agent of world benefit content curation

2.26.14 – Weatherhead's Roman Sheremata shares views on Ukranian political crisis on Sound of Ideas

2.28.14 – Can showing emotion be good for teams? Weatherhead's John Paul Stephens finds out

2.28.14 – Weatherhead MBAs and Kent State teammates receive honorable mention in ULI design competition

2.28.14 – Capturing the value designers bring to social innovation: doctoral fellow Mariana Amatullo weighs in

2.28.14 – Happy birthday, Frank Gehry! Business Insider names PBL among his coolest creations


3.3.14 – Overcoming the sophomore slump with David Cooperrider's appreciative inquiry

3.3.14 – Scott Shane weighs in on the influx of biotech incubators

3.3.14 – From Burma to Cleveland: Thu Ra's road to success 

3.6.14 – Designing happiness with Weatherhead graduate Jen Margolis

3.6.14 – Jen Margolis, MPOD '07, co-founds Thrive@Work

3.7.14 – Michael Goldberg will moderate panel discussion on what makes a start-up scene take root

3.17.14 – J.B. Silvers weighs in on work left to do post Obama's FunnyOrDie schtick

3.17.14 – Scott Shane on the paradox of Generation Y

3.19.14 – San Francisco Federal Reserve Research Associate Position

3.19.14 – Video of Startups at the City Club, moderated by Michael Goldberg is now available

3.19.14 – Greek business school, ALBA, joins support for Beyond Silicon Valley MOOC

3.21.14 – Jeff Malbasa, MBA ’07 named President and COO of Spero-Smith Investment Advisers

3.21.14 – New undergraduate minor in Leadership coming fall 2014 for CWRU students

3.24.14 – Support for government-sponsored health insurance drops: Scott Shane explains why

3.26.14 – A truly global MBA experience born in Cleveland

3.31.14 – JB Silvers discusses the Affordable Care Act on Sound of Ideas


4.4.14 – Scott Shane's research looks to explain why entrepreneurs are "wired differently"

4.4.14 – Excerpt from Steven Feldman's book on the culture of American-Chinese business relations

4.9.14 – Catching up with Sharon Rivera, MSM-OR/SC '02, of Paypal Inc.

4.9.14 – Mentos and Diet Coke: Kalle Lyytinen and Michael Fisher discuss benefits of consumer misuse

4.10.14 – Nominations for the Alumni Advisory Council - Class of 2017 are open through May 16

4.16.14 – Weatherhead Undergraduate program returns to the Top 50 of Bloomberg's Businessweek ranking

4.17.14 – JB Silvers discusses database that shows Medicare doctor payment amounts

4.17.14 – 5 questions with MOOC leader Michael Goldberg

4.18.14 – First ever MOOC for Greek entrepreneurs will be lead by Michael Goldberg

4.18.14 – Scott Shane on how jobs, not Obamacare, are helping the uninsured

4.25.14 – interviews Michael Goldberg on the making of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

4.25.14 – Warwick Economics Summer School 2014

4.25.14 – ESA Student Interships Available in Office of Chief Economist

4.28.14 – Paul Lebo, MBA '06 Joins Wells Fargo Private Bank

4.29.14 – Michael Goldberg featured in's key steps to boosting business growth

4.29.14 – Christina Haas, MBA '10 Oversees Rhode Island Relay For Life Events

4.30.14 – Fowler Center signs research contract with the Goi Peace Foundation in Japan


5.1.14 – Founder and chairman emeritus of Fairmount Minerals to deliver keynote address at Weatherhead's commencement

5.5.14 – William Mahnic shares skepticism on virtual currency being accepted by Cleveland Heights retailers

5.5.14 – Weatherhead announces 2014 faculty awards

5.5.14 – Weatherhead announces 2014 student awards

5.13.14 – Richard Boyatzis' Brain Leadership Study featured in Fast Company

5.13.14 – Richard Boyatzis' Brain Leadership Study featured in Fast Company


6.5.14 – The MOOC and Motte-Culem: A world where we can share everything with everybody

6.12.14 – PhD candidate, Mariana Amatullo, featured in Huffington Post

6.18.14 – Steve Bossart, MNO '01 has been named Vice President of Accounts for the East Region for Electronic Auction Services, Inc.

6.23.14 – Elizabeth Lynch, EMBA '13 has been named Vice President of Leadership Development for Fathom

6.26.14 – Q and A with Marketplace host, Kai Ryssdal


7.2.14 – Congratulations to Matthew Figgie, MBA '99 Chairman of Clark-Reliance, for his company being named one of Northeast Ohio's Top Workplaces 2014

7.7.14 – David Cooperrider shares common questions leaders should avoid with HBR

7.9.14 – Carly Purtill, BS '04, MAcc '05 joins new firm


8.18.14 – Flourishing Enterprise: The New Spirit of Business, co-authored by Chris Laszlo

8.19.14 – Gary Previts honored for paper on ROI developer

8.25.14 – World Financial Review Q&A with Steven P. Feldman on Doing Business in China


9.8.14 – Research Positions at Poverty Action Lab

9.9.14 – Director's Financial Analyst

9.9.14 – Research Assistants at Federal Reserve Board

9.18.14 – Margaret Calkins, PhD, EDAC, heads the Health Care Design program at Kent State

9.21.14 – Sustainable Cleveland 2019 to engage corporate CEOs

9.22.14 – DDR Corp. hosts second annual case competition

9.24.14 – Richard Boyatzis #9 on HR Magazine's Most Influential International Thinkers 2014 list


10.20.14 – Flourish & Prosper Global Forum at CWRU

10.22.14 – Scott Fine featured in Pittsburgh Post Gazette article on repurchasing shares

10.22.14 – Chris Laszlo featured in Crain's article on flourishing

10.24.14 – Two alumni honored with Weatherhead awards

10.29.14 – Teaching Design for Creativity and Innovation session held at Weatherhead

10.30.14 – Crain's names Jeff Malbasa, MBA '07 for 40 under 40


11.5.14 – Sarah Duffy, MPOD '11 alumna, wins Future Leader award from Consulting Magazine

11.6.14 – Diana Bilimoria publishes Women In STEM Careers

11.7.14 – Simon Peck talks millennials in the workplace on WCPN

11.7.14 – Appreciative Inquiry pioneer, professor David Cooperrider honored with academic center established in his name

11.10.14 – Michael Goldberg answers questions about funding and millennials on MSNBC

11.19.14 – Steven Feldman: Hidden surveillance adds to risks of doing business in China

11.20.14 – Chris Laszlo to speak at Think Forward 2015

11.20.14 – Weatherhead full-time MBA program ranked #84 in the country

11.24.14 – CTX: BRACE - New Consulting Club at Tongji

11.26.14 – Team wins first place in local chapter of the NSHMBA Case Competition