Curvilinear Effects of Consumer Loyalty Determinants in Relational Exchanges



Journal of Marketing Research, vol. 42 (February), pp. 96-108, February 2005


Drawing from need, motivation and social exchange theories, this study examines the differential curvilinear effects of multiple determinants of loyalty intentions including transactional satisfaction, trust, and value for relational exchanges. We conceptualize trust as a “motivator,” satisfaction as a “hygiene” and value as a “bivalent” factor in consumer loyalty mechanisms. Using consumer data in two different service contexts—retail clothing and nonbusiness airline travel, and accounting for different sources of error including measurement, common method and response style, we find support for the motivator or enhancing role of trust, and the hygiene or maintaining role of satisfaction on loyalty intentions in both contexts. Although consistent results are obtained for the influence of value as well, its role is aligned with a hygiene not bivalent mechanism.

Jagdip Singh