Strategic Change Implementation and Performance Loss in the Front Lines



Journal of Marketing, vol. 71 (October), pp. 156-171, October (4th Quarter/Autumn) 2007


This study proposes a model that adopts a front line employee (FLE) perspective, isolates the positive and negative effects of change, and conceptualizes the moderating role of employee’s participation in the change decision-making process. Using data from five service organizations involving 853 frontline service employees, the proposed model of change processes is empirically tested. The results indicate that (1) a mediating mechanism that includes employee’s perception of change, role ambiguity and detachment, (2) while FLE’s perceptions of change have positive and functional consequences, they also induce negative effects that stem from employee’s detachment fostered by change and ambiguity, (3) FLE’s participation in change decision-making significantly enhances the positive effects and alleviates the negative effects of market driven change.

Jagdip Singh